10 Things to Love About Vegas Vacations

A Vegas vacation is an experience that is entirely unique. No where else in the world will you find the same kind of excitement, intrigue, and thrill. Whether you’re coming to take part in the world-renowned club scene or you want to try your luck in the expansive casinos, Vegas is just the place to get away from the stresses of the “real world.”

To show just how special a trip to The Strip can be, we’ve compiled a list of ten things to love about a Vegas vacation. Whether you’ve never been to Vegas or you’re looking for a reason to return, check out what we’ve come up with:

1. Spend One Night at Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is one of the most famous hotels and casinos on the Vegas strip. Aside from being a recognizable name, Caesar’s Palace is packed with shopping, spas, night life, pools, and casinos – so a stay at Caesar’s Palace means you don’t even need to leave your hotel. When staying in Vegas, consider spending at least one night in the legendary Caesar’s Palace.

2. Stay on the Strip by Booking in Advance

When taking a trip to Vegas, The Strip is where you want to be – but this means it can sell out quickly. If you want to get the most of your Vegas vacation, you want to stay right on the strip. When you stay Sapphire Resorts, you can stay right in the middle of everything with a prime Strip location.

3. Pretend to Get Married in Vegas

Vegas is known for their marriage chapels. Whether you want to stage a pretend wedding to trick friends and family who stayed home, renew your vows with Elvis, or go through with the real-deal of tying the knot, Vegas can help you create a story that you and your friends definitely won’t forget.

4. Experience the High-End Buffets

When you first think of a buffet, you probably imagine dimly lit rooms of food that has been sitting out for who knows how long. But buffets – like many other things – are completely different in Vegas. Almost all of the major resorts have a buffet in the building complete with seafood specials, dishes from all over the world, and too many options to try. While a buffet may not be the best idea for every meal, experiencing a Vegas buffet is recommended for any visitor.

5. See a Show

The entertainment scene in Vegas is unlike any other. Whether you’re looking to see some of your favorite stars like Britney Spears or Celine Dion or you’re more interested in a circus act to leave you in awe, Vegas has their fair share of options. Anyone who ventures to Vegas should take a break from the partying and gambling to see a show that peaks their interest.

6. Get the Fremont Street Experience

Walking through Fremont Street is like being transported back into the old days of Las Vegas. As an entirely separate section from the Strip, Fremont Street has a canopy of LED lights that you could only expect in downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street gives you the opportunity to explore how Vegas got started, including the very first hotels in the area, where the first neon sign was installed, and the place that launched the careers of legends like Wayne Newton and Kenny Rogers.

7. Make Vegas Your Second Home

Vegas is full of things to do, more than you could possibly hope to get through in just one visit. With so many things to see, activities to experience, and new things coming in all the time, you’re going to find yourself wanting to return to Vegas for more. With a Vegas Vacation Ownership, you can call Vegas your second home. By owning a slice of the Strip, you can visit Vegas as often as you’d like, all without needing to fight the crowds over hotel rooms or stays.

8. Get a Picture with the Las Vegas Sign

While this may seem a bit cliché, getting a picture with the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” is a necessity. As an iconic symbol of the area, your friends and family won’t question where you were when you got this photo taken. While it is in the median of a road, getting to the sign is not as easy as you may think, but as people are always lining up to take pictures with the sign, you shouldn’t have a problem getting there. Other possible areas for great pictures include the Bellagio fountains, the Venetian lagoon, or with Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

9. Spend a Day Exploring Resorts

While it may sound strange to spend an entire day just exploring the Strip resorts, there are more than enough themes, designs, and surprises to keep you interested and entertained. If you need a break from the gambling, partying, or shopping, take some time to take a gondola ride at the Venetian or ride the rollercoaster at New York, New York. With a Disney Epcot feel, Vegas lets you explore the world right along one street.

10. Take a Day Trip

The Strip isn’t the only thing worth seeing in Vegas. If you want to take a break and explore the beautiful Nevada countryside, you can take a day trip to the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, or Lake Mead. You can get to these areas by renting a car for the day or even purchasing a ticket from a touring company that can provide both transportation and a tour of the area.

When you visit Vegas, you’re signing up for an experience you won’t believe. If you’re ready to try something new and visit an area unlike any other place in the world, Vegas is just the place you’re looking for.

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