2017 Best Honeymoon Destinations

ONE-CLICK TRAVEL These four sites are the best for not fretting a honeymoon hiccup.

TRIPINSURANCE.COM Wedding insurance is a given, but consider coverage after the reception too. Compare packages in three categories (Good, Better and Best) for potential issues like a missed flight, lost luggage or a sudden case of food poisoning (none of which will happen, of course!). booking a sweet suite.

HOTELMAPPER.COM Resort, condo or B&B? Search them all in this inventory of more than 145,000 properties from Moscow to Miami. You’ll get the full lowdown on rates and availability throughout the destination, plus extra info like visa requirements. hitting the road.

VROOMVROOMVROOM.COM Driving the California coast sounds romantic, but don’t settle for whatever clunker is left at the airport. This personalized car-rental search engine lets you compare all prices across companies like Avis, Hertz and Enterprise, so you get the best deal on that sexy convertible. scoring perks.

WANDERABLE.COM Choose your honeymoon style (beach and pampering; history and adventure) and create a registry. It’ll suggest destinations and related gifts that guests might want to send, like a couples massage or a guided walking tour.

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