5 Best Supplements for Womens Over 50

It’s your turn now It’s a decade that can be full of activity and change; in your 50s you might be starting, going through or finishing menopause. Your children may have left home and life may look a little empty or bursting with opportunity.

5 Best Supplements for Womens Over 50 Photo Gallery

Healthwise, you should be protecting yourself a bit more. Calcium If your bones aren’t 100 per cent, increase your calcium intake to 1000mg a day, but stick to 400mg magnesium. Coenzyme Q10 This is thought to strengthen the heart muscle and maximise the benefits of oxygen within all cells.

Take 50mg a day. Phytoestrogens (soy isoflavones) If you’re suffering from hot flushes, take the supplements recommended for your 40s, then switch to just including extra tofu and soya in your diet when they pass.

Siberian ginseng Take this when you need to improve your energy, mood and libido. And to soothe you, The Australian Bush Flower Essence Silver Princess can help to clarify your next goal in life. If you’re experiencing lots of changes, Bottlebrush may help you grow and adapt.

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