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Lewes is a fine old town with a castle ruin, Alington Map many historic buildings including the sixteenth-century Anne of Cleves’ House, an excellent museum, Alington Map and large numbers of antique shops and antiquarian bookshops. If you wish to make a weekend of it, you might consider spending one day enjoying the walk described below and the other day pottering round the streets of Lewes.

I don’t recommend you attempt both in a single day! Seaford is a pleasant but undistinguished seaside town, the Norman church of St Leonard being the only building you may wish to make a particular point of exploring and, having visited the church and checked your supplies (there are no shops at all en route), you will probably be anxious to be on your way.

Having followed Dane Road from the centre of the town to the seafront, you turn left to follow the Seaford promenade. The front contains few hotels or shops, and the buildings you see are predominantly residential; the only feature of real interest is the martello tower, one of many such towers that were erected along the Sussex coast for defensive purposes. This one is now a local history museum.

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