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You have to cross one of the residential roads, shortly Angola Metro Map afterwards leaving the estate, then pass under the Hawks Road Bridge which feels more like a small Angola Metro Map tunnel than a bridge. There is a definite suburban feel as you continue to the very busy Upper Horsebridge Road, where again a pedestrian crossing, controlled by lights, is provided for you. Once over this road, you at last leave Hailsham behind, and now embark on six miles of really magical walking – old railway walking at its best.

You now head for Hellingly, and, as you approach the village, look out for a most extraordinary wooden sculpture consisting of naked bodies. Delights of a more traditional kind are soon at hand, though, with the magnificently preserved old Hellingly Station building, complete with canopy, and just under the next road bridge, you will find signs to the Golden Martlet pub as well as easy access to the village. It is a pretty place with a twelfth-century church that boasts a fine gilded organ and Early English north transept and chancel.

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