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William J. Clinton Presidential Center: This center, which houses President Clinton’s Library and Museum, contains the presidential archives and exhibits documenting his presidency. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas and situated on the banks of the Arkansas River, the center is a LEED certified model of green building.

Heifer Village- Located near the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Heifer International’s Heifer Village offers over 80 hands-on exhibits and activities that shed light on global poverty and hunger. The onsite dining option, Cafe Heifer, offers a step up from usual museum fare with entrees like Salmon Au Brie and a BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

With the metro rail line from Washington opening in 2014 with four connecting stations within Tysons, property values have surged and new businesses have been established. To spur a massive increase in housing, Fairfax County is allowing developers to erect taller buildings in Tysons.

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The Tysons Park System Concept Plan proposes recreational green connectors along the majority of street networks, connecting stream valleys, urban parks, plazas, and onroad bike lanes. The greens also provide buffers from the adjacent traffic. The placement of different park types and civic spaces, as well as an emphasis on cultural and natural resource preservation and interpretation, has been given due consideration in the Park System.

Public places that have been developed range from signature plazas to pop-up parks and temporary-use spaces. The needs of inhabitants and contextual response have been given due importance. Uses in these places are allocated based on recreational, cultural, and heritage perspective.

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