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Rugged landscapes, and lush rainforests geothermal activity, and towering glaciers marsupials, and colorful fish distinctly different geographic regions but each one unique in its beauty, and its history, and just the splendor, and wonder of it all what will you discover about Australia, and New Zealand at Ayers Rock at at sunset the colors of the rock changed every two minutes, and and it was incredible, it’s scuba diving trip. I had out at the Great Barrier Reef that was something. I had been wanting to do quite a while, and just had to do it loved every minute of it but Australia is home to more than just the outback in the Great Barrier Reef mil born on the Yarra River is one of the country’s great cities Adelaide was founded as a planned capital for really settled British province by Colonel William light in Sydney with its iconic harbour has a colorful history, and some of the best surfing in Australia definitely one to see the Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge he’s gonna do the climb on Tuesday kind of excited the Sydney Opera House is home to, performances each year the structure is supported by concrete piers sunk over feet into the harbor, and sea floor below oh, it’s gorgeous you know you hear about it all of your life, and then when you actually see it, it’s just awesome you’ve seen one Playhouse you’ve seen them all but that’s not the case here.

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This is the B Sydney Opera House fabulous fabulous a home hosted meal is an opportunity to meet with a typical Australian family to learn a bit about local life our country is very authentic Australian. I wrap a nightlight thrower two hands cries for white death which is torn away from always try bathroom run full with your language, and place you get to cricket I’ll make your trip like this where we’re not just sightseeing where we’re actually meeting the people, and appreciating the culture is where there will be true understanding venture off the beaten path to explore Australia’s unique landscapes, it’s in the Koopa valley that you find the centerpiece of the last remnant of the oldest surviving rainforest in the world Dean Tree National Park is known for its exceptional biodiversity habitat, and rare species, and here in the kippah Valley is the world’s richest concentration of primitive flowering plant families found anywhere on the planet so. This is where it all began there’s over a thousand different species of tree in the upper canopy here incredibly diverse we had a wonderful experience here in the rainforest we had a guide his name was Neil, and he taught us.

So many things he has lived in the rainforest for years, and knows. So much about plants, and animals, and their interrelationships. This is also habitat – Australia’s largest snake the aim of the steam pipe, and they can get to feet, and it just.

So happens that their favorite meal is spectacle flying fox but, it’s not an easy matter for a big snake to grab a flying mammal you miles east of Australia lies New Zealand its culture derives mostly from the indigenous Maori people in the early European settlers the North Island is known for its lush rainforest, and geothermal activity well just stop here – yeah beautiful boy have a depth of the crater here’s about meters of water deep at the bottom cold throughout but what’s floating on here is called a Zola, it’s a float in between one two three echo whoo Rotorua is known for thermal activity all right just a small little cavity all right, and I’ll just put the probe in here oh my word we’re sitting on about a night Fahrenheit oh that’s good that feels good, it’s the world’s largest guys alike feature this geyser is called Inferno crater over a day cycle the water temperature changes from to degrees Fahrenheit while Mungo Valley is the only hydrothermal system whose origin can be traced to an exact date the eruption of Mount Tarawera. This is not geothermal activity. This is a whole geothermal area everything you look at you see bubbles all over there coming from underneath just amazing, it’s just like another world who is there when you’re in a place that feels really special you call it a thin place where your closing experience feels like that here New Zealand’s history is deeply rooted in the Maori culture which still thrives at this middle school its traditional in the Maori culture to greet one another by pressing nose, and forehead together the respect for the culture, and for the music, and for the language is.

I don’t see anything like that Wow, it’s just. So amazing it’s. So fun to see the kids excited about their work, and just seemed to be.

So tuned in to everything under watch yeah you we’re more interested in really learning about a country learning about its culture than just kind of sitting on a bus, and watching the sights this trip has opened up my eyes about this part of the world and I do plan to come back, and see more immerse yourself in the culture, and natural beauty of the South Pacific in a journey down under you.

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