Baku Sumqayit Subway Map

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History for Baku/Sumqayit Subway Map
1643 The ships Fama and Swan arrive from Sweden with fifty Baku/Sumqayit Subway Map more settlers and the first colonial governor, Johan Printz. Printz constructs Fort New Gothenburg on Tinicum Baku/Sumqayit Subway Map Island, southwest of the future site of Philadelphia. 1645 At Kingsessing, in what is now Philadelphia, the first gristmill is constructed on Cobbs Creek. 1655 Peter Stuyvesant and an armada of seven ships with 317 soldiers on board invade New Sweden.

The colonists offer no opposition and surrender to the Dutch, to whom they pledge their loyalty. 1656 The ship Mercutius arrives at Tinicum Island with fourteen Swedish and ninety-two Finnish settlers. The Finns settle at what will become Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. 1662 Governor Printz’s daughter sells Tinicum Island to Joost de la Grange, a Dutchman. 1669 The French begin their exploration and survey of lands in western Pennsylvania.

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