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Are they the initials of the carver? Or did he Bangladesh Map just think it was a good idea? Moving swiftly on, you arrive at New Ghyll Road Bangladesh Map . You cross over, and proceed to plain Ghyll Road, having to descend to cross it. You are now in the sprawling outer reaches of Heathfield, among trim but uninteresting modern housing, virtually all of which appears to post-date the demise of the old railway.

Your path proceeds in determined fashion through the seemingly endless modern development, but then appears to give up the struggle, the path broadening out into a car park. Keep following the Cuckoo Trail signposts for Heathfield centre, crossing over one road then reaching a T-junction with another. Turn right onto the road, but very shortly turn left onto a path that leads through a children’s play area (the site of the old, long since demolished, station buildings and platforms) to the undoubted climax of your journey, Heathfield Tunnel.

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