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I’m obviously not alone in gaining a few pounds during a summer break. So it’s good to read ‘Come back fitter’ (August issue) and find that I don’t need to undo all my hard work – I can stay in shape and still have fun in the sun. Lucy Mecklenburgh and Cecilia Harris’s workout looks realistic to achieve (even though I’m in holiday mode!). I’ve been practising the jumping squats and high-knee jogs, and I’m sure I’ll be able manage a 10-minute workout as part of my holiday lifestyle. I think I’m going to enjoy my meals on holiday more knowing that I’m going to be doing exercise. What a great idea.

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Thank you! Michaela Byron, Liverpool I’m glad I read ‘Reclaim Your Mornings’ (August issue). I’ve been trying to exercise first thing but my problem is getting up early enough to do it. I’m a teacher and have to be at school for 8am. I get home late, then I’m too tired to do any fitness, except at the weekends. Reading your article made me realise it is do-able. I just have to be organised and prepare the night before (and set multiple alarms!) to get up earlier. I love running, and fitting a run in before I go to work sets me up for the day in a very good mood. My pupils like that too! It’s all about prioritising positive thoughts, before life gets in the way. Thank you for all the good advice. It’s been like a breath of fresh air.


Kazza Seville, Wirral Laura Winter’s ‘My Life In A Day’ (August issue) was inspirational. I have a bike, but until now, it only got the occasional outing. Reading about Laura’s love of cycling has motivated me to get on my bike more. I’m ready to take that step to becoming a fitter cyclist and attempting new goals. I’ve worked out a training plan to get the most out of my cycling trips and made a start. Instead of hopping on my bike and going for a ride when I have time, my schedule focuses on progressing towards my goals. I’ve joined a local club, too. Thank you for this motivating article, Laura and H&F! Genna Burton, Clwyd.

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