Berlin Map

Berlin Map


Thanks to the ever-growing hostel and hotel industry, same-day accommodations aren’t impossible to find. Failing to make a reservation will, however, limit your options. For longer visits, the various Mitwohnzentrale can arrange for you to housesit or sublet an apartment from ‚250 per month; for more info, contact Home Company Mitwohnzentrale, Joachimstaler Str. 17. ( 194 45. U9 or

15 to Kurfurstendamm. Open M-F 9am-6pm, Sa llam-2pm.) For long stays or on weekends, reservations are essential. During the Love Parade, call at least two months ahead for a choice of rooms and at least two weeks ahead for any bed at all. Some hostels increase prices that weekend by up to ‚10 per night.


liMitte’s Backpacker Hostel, Chausseestr. (102 28 39 09 65). U6: Zinnowitzer Str. Look for the giant orange sign on the wall outside. The apex of hostel hipness, with gregarious English-speaking staff and themed rooms. Bikes ‚10 per day. Kitchen available. Sheets ‚2.50. Staff does laundry for ‚5. Internet access ‚6 per hr. Reception 24hr. Dorms ‚15-18; singles ‚20-30; doubles ‚40-60; ‚1-2 cheaper in winter.

IS Circus, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 39 (28 39 14 33). U2: Rosa-Luxemburg-PI. Circus was designed with the English-speaking traveler in mind. Laundry, Internet, info on nightlife, and a disco ball in the lobby. A second Circus at Rosenthaler PI. on Weinbergersweg la, has similar facilities and the same prices. Sheets ‚2. Reception and bar open 24hr. Confirm reservations 1 day before arrival. 6-8 bed dorms ‚15; 4-5 bed dorms ‚18; singles ‚32; doubles ‚48; triples ‚60. Cheaper in winter.

Honigmond, Tieckstr. 12 (284 45 50). U6: Zinnowitzer Str. Old-fashioned and well-fur-nished rooms with canopy beds. Breakfast ‚3-9. Check-in 3pm-lam; if checking in after 8pm, call beforehand. Singles ‚45-70; doubles ‚65-85, with bath ‚90-145.

Clubhouse Hostel, Kalkscheunestr. 2 (28 09 79 79): U6: Oranienburger Tor. Enter the courtyard from Johannisstr. 2 or Kalkscheunestr. In the center of the Oranienburger Str. nightlife. Sheets ‚2. Internet ‚0.50 per 5min. Reception and bar open 24hr. 8-10 bed dorms ‚14; 5-7 bed dorms ‚17; singles ‚32; doubles ‚46.


Jugendherberge Berlin International (HI), Kluckstr. 3 (261 10 98). Ul to Kurfurstenstr. then walk up Potsdamer Str. go left on Pohlstr. and right on Kluckstr. Big, clean, and modern. Bikes ‚10 per day. Large breakfast and sheets included. Internet available. Reception and cafe open 24hr. Dorms ‚23, under-27 ‚19.

Hotel-Pension Hansablick, Flotowstr. 6 (390 48 00). S3, 5, 7, 9, or 75 to Tiergarten. Some rooms have balconies overlooking the Spree; all have bath, minibar, phone, and cable TV. Riverboat tours stop 200m away. Breakfast included. Reception 24hr. Singles ‚82, doubles ‚101-121. Mention Let’s Go for a 5% discount.


Studentenhotel Meininger 10, Meininger Str. 10 (78 71 74 14). U4 or bus #146 to Rathaus Schdneberg. Walk toward the Rathaus tower on Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. turn left onto Martin-Luther-Str. then right on Meininger Str. A hostel for the students, by the students. Breakfast included. 24hr. reception. Co-ed dorms ‚12.50; 3-to 4-bed dorms ‚21; singles ‚33; doubles ‚46. Flash a copy of Let’s Go for a 5% first night discount.

CVJM-Haus, Einemstr. 10 (264 10 88). Ul: Nollendorfpl. It’s fun to stay at the German YMCA, despite its institutional atmosphere. Unlike most hostels, here you usually get your own room. Breakfast included. Sheets ‚4. Reception M-F 8am-5pm. Quiet time 10pm-7am. Book well ahead. Dorms and singles ‚21; doubles ‚42.

Hotel-Pension Munchen, Giintzelstr. 62 (857 91 20). U9: Giintzelstr. Like visiting a smartly done apartment-the rooms are simple and bright and the halls are pinned with contemporary Berliner art. Breakfast included. Singles ‚40, with bath ‚56; doubles with bath ‚70-80; triples ‚90; quads ‚105.

Jugendhotel Berlin City, Crellestr. 22 (s 787 02 130). U7 to Kleistpark. Sleek little rooms popular with school groups; book well ahead. Breakfast included. Bar serves beer and caipirinha. Dorms ‚26-28; singles ‚38, with bath ‚46; doubles ‚7080.

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