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An innocent ledge jettisoned the canoe into a barrage of rocks Best family vacations in the China and a maelstrom current which pushed me back into a trough of churning water at the bottom Best family vacations in the China of the ledge. Water flooded into the canoe. I was petrified and the shock of the icy water pouring over me nearly immobilised me. I tried to paddle free but the paddle blades kept hitting rocks. Then as we came clear, the canoe reared up against a partly submerged rock and to my horror I was overturned. My hands scrabbled at the slippery rocks, anything to get out of the freezing water, but I could get no hold.

The name Seul Choix is French and means “only choice.” When the French and Native Americans traveled across Lake Michigan’s northern shores, the point was the only safe harbor for boats to land in a storm. The name Seul Choix is pronounced “Sel-shwa” by the French, but locals used the term “Sis-shwa.”

There are rumors it is haunted by a former lighthouse keeper, Captain Joseph Willie Townshend. We hoped to find out during our investigation.

It was just a six-hour drive from the Detroit area. Not too far for a nice long weekend in the glorious north. Our car was packed with all the necessities, including 39 bottles of water. That way we could stop and visit the many beautiful rest areas along I-75.

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