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Further to the south is Day Hill with its excellent views of the lighthouse in one direction, and Corundum and Split Rock points in the other. The lighthouse stands poised at the edge of a bold, 124-foot-high diabase cliff capped with anorthosite, the same rock that forms Day Hill and nearby Corundum Point. Diabase is a lava formation that is, along with anorthosite, very resistant to erosion. This resistance to erosion accounts for the prominence of the cliff, and the lighthouse, along the North Shore.

Probably the first thing that catches your eye as you reach the top of Day Hill is a fireplace. After gazing at the vistas, you might turn your attention back to the fireplace and wonder how it came to be. While there is no conclusive story about its origin, one possibility is a love story.

Wee may see this acted to life in Jonathan and David Best family vacations in USA . Jonathan a valiant man endued [imbued] with the spirit of love, soe soone as Best family vacations in USA he discovered the same spirit in David had presently his hearte knitt to him by this ligament of love; soe that it is said he loved him as his owne soule, he takes soe great pleasure in him, that hee stripps himselfe to adorne his beloved. His father’s kingdome was not soe precious to him as his beloved David, David shall have it with all his hearte. Himself desires noe more but that hee may be neare to him to rejoyce in his good[ness]. Hee chooseth to converse with him in the wildernesse even to the hazzard of his owne life, rather than with the greate Courtiers in his father’s Pallace. When hee sees danger towards him, hee spares neither rare paines nor perill to direct it.

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