Have a Best Part of Time Spent In Bohol and Panglao

Bohol seems like a condensed version of the whole country and it is why this bountiful province always found on the list of must visit destinations for first-time travelers in the Philippines. Whether you want to get a tan at clear sand beaches or jump into the colorful underwater, be allured by the sprawling chocolate hills or just immerse yourself on the relaxing river cruise, break at elegant churches or explore the thrilling adventure, list it and most probably Bohol has it all. Bohol Guide serves as a best travel guide for first time travelers to Bohol and Panglao islands. Tagbilaran is the capital place of Bohol and also the major point of entry. All the beaches in Panglao are very shallow and well suited for kids. There are nine important beaches on Panglao Island. You can also find number of secluded beaches, which are almost untouched from tourism. There are also tourist beaches with nightlife, restaurants and many hotels.

Travelers can visit these holiday islands for the beautiful nature and white beaches along with its vast wildlife. The waterfalls, world class diving and huge numbers of caves for spelunking are some of the attractions that travelers can indulge themselves with. The magnificent chocolate hills, the cute trasiers and the captivating beaches also form the main reasons why the island attracts tourists in large numbers. The greatest pride of Bohol is the chocolate hills. It is basically a mystery group of oddly shaped hills. It is not so simple to describe the place as it looks like a piece of art and an mysterious scenery as well.

Bohol is enclosed by more than fifty islands, including Panglao island that is one of the often visited tourist places in the Philippines. The most developed and popular destination in Panglao Island is the Alona beach, which extends across 1.5 kilometer and lined with coconut palm trees. The location is really beautiful with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. Travelers can experience fabulous snorkeling in Panglao, where you can also find a reef in front of Alona beach. Panglao and Bohol are connected by means of two bridges; hence it is a bit easier to reach there. With a coastline covering more than 250 kilometers, you can find yourself in some splendid beaches. One of the highlights was surely a trip to Virgin Island, called as a C-shaped island having long white powdery sand bar. This pristine island is twenty minutes away from Panglao by boat.

There are diverse adventurous activities to enjoy in Bohol like swimming in waterfalls, diving and exploring caves. Most people live staying in Panglap, which is also among the top diving destinations in the world. It is certainly not the cost-effective option to live there, however a great location to meet up with the fellow travelers, shops, good restaurants and find dive schools. It has also got a great bunch of tour operators, who help you book a trip. The App for Bohol greatly supports the tourists in Panglao and helps them navigate with the help of app to their point of interest.

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