Best places for a road trip

The best way to explore some countries and cities is by driving around them. Some people simply love the idea of renting a car in an unknown land with a group of friends or family and feasting their eyes on the natural beauty and marvel of this unseen place. If road trip is your scene, then make sure to find out a bit more about the location you are planning to visit. With GPS, a full tank, a map and car insurance, you are good to go. Road trips are best taken in places where moving around is safe and fun. Also, it is imperative that the whole group is keen on stopping at highways for toilet breaks and eating at drive-ins in the middle of the night, if need be. Road trips can be amazing to make great memories with your loved ones.

Let’s look at some fantastic locations, ideal for road trips:

Scotland: Scotland is full of natural beauty. Miles and miles of open stretches, lots of mountains, lush green patches, fresh, clean air and gorgeous water bodies; Scotland is about soaking up nature, the way God intended. If your routine life is all about being in a hurry and getting places, then a trip to a place like Scotland is exactly what you may need. Renting a car in Scotland is not too complicated, so long as you have a valid driving license. Also, it is a very safe place, despite a lot of its neighbourhoods being highly secluded. With Aberdeen just an hour’s flight away from London, getting to Scotland after having a gala time in London should not be too complicated.

Florida: A road trip to Florida is just the perfect way to organize a memorable family vacation. Florida is such a fantastic state that you can visit it at any time of the year without worrying about it being too hot or too cold. A road trip is the best way to explore places, such as Miami, Tampa, Key West and of course Orlando. Ending the trip with Orlando will ensure that your family thoroughly gets to enjoy Disneyland. Florida has something for everyone South Beach, Miami is ideal for club hoppers and party freaks, Key West is amazing for a romantic getaway and Orlando is of course home to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Spain: Exploring Europe in one go is nearly impossible. To do justice to a country like Spain alone, you may need a long trip. Since every part of Europe has its distinct charm, it goes without saying that Spain has a very unique vibe. Soaking up the sun, eating tapas, going for long walks, shopping at flea markets and farmer’s markers and sunbathing at the many beaches it can be an ideal road trip for families, friends and couples. Barcelona, Valencia, Tenerife, Seville, Madrid the list of places is endless. Going between June-August will ensure that you get a nice tan and have vacation you will remember forever.

Road trips are all about being casual, laidback and enjoying new sights, smells and cultures. It is about taking life as it comes, instead of planning every minute detail. It can be a highly liberating experience, especially if planned carefully with like minded people.

Safety is of utmost importance while taking a road trip. Driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without car insurance, or driving rashly can get you into a lot of trouble in a new country. It is best to enjoy your road trip by following the rules and being stress free.

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