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Uighur people are not good with animals; they are too Best states to travel in China impatient, their strength is in agriculture. The Mongols and Kazakhs are said to be the Best states to travel in China best at handling animals. Ahmet is Uighur, but has patience. He needed it to teach me to drive; he stayed calm even when I miscalculated a bridge and ended up with one wheel in a ditch. Perhaps I’ll never make an ace charioteer. On my last evening in Turfan I went to a display of song and dance by local Uighur girls.

More audio evidence was captured in the barn. When asked if Daniel Holcomb was present in the barn, the EVP came back, “Yes.” Also captured was a second name. Though soft, we believe it says, “Henry Holcomb.” Henry, of course, was Daniel Holcomb’s brother and a possible suspect in the murder of James Foy.

When asked who the murderer was, the response was, “Too many.” This seems to support the theory that many conspirators were involved with the killings.

Interesting EVPs were captured in or near the home. While walking outside the house, I called the name of Eunice White. “Help me,” was heard. Inside the home, an audio recorder had been placed on a ledge near the kitchen. The soft words, “It’s him,” followed by a clear, “papa.”

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