Best Travel Destinations To Party

Best Travel Destinations To Party

Predators of Key AXA Key AXA is the story of a well-kept secret tourism destination that is transformed overnight into one of the world’s hottest real estate meccas.

The inward investment that triggers its growth and development comes with the evils associated with big money.

Predators galore descended up Key AXA with their high priced lawyers and accountants; and, local counterparts capitalised on the new climate.

Miracle Moringa

A sincere, compiled exhortation that you take a look at Moringa to learn for yourself if or how it can transform your life!

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This my blog is not giving – or, intended to give – any medical, health, general well-being or dietary or other advice on Moringa or anything else, other than that persons should try to learn all they can about it.

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Heritage Village at Mimi Bay, Anguilla

The land has been cleared and leveled; and, all that is needed is a consensus by my blog readers everywhere that the Heritage Village project in Anguilla in the Caribbean provides them with a unique opportunity to each make a vital difference upon the lives of its residents and a positive impact on its economy that has suffered greatly since the global recession began in 2008.

The Heritage Village project at Mimi, Anguilla, British West Indies is a model concept that can be embraced by any community or small country that seeks to recapture, safeguard or pass on its rich cultural heritage while, at the same time, creating job, investment and entrepreneurial opportunities for its youth, adults and elderly.

We invite readers everywhere to download and scrutinize our concept; and, by so doing, help crowdfund it; and, thereby, help us get it up and running.

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