Best Travel Destinations To Visit In November

Best Travel Destinations To Visit In November

Bless Britain – A Caribbean Coup D’Etat A vengeful central government dictator, who was granted associate statehood status by Britain in February 1967, plunges Anguilla into a desperate fight for secession from its Caribbean sister islands of St. Kitts-Nevis.

Bless Britain – A Caribbean Coup d’Etat is a true saga of centuries of neglect suffered by a unique set of Caribbean islanders, culminating in the eventual invasion of Anguilla – “the mouse that roared!” -by the British lion and told through poetic pieces from the unpublished 5-Act, 23-scene play with colour commentary.

Case for independence – Anguilla from Britain

A pretty comprehensive and compelling argument drafted, on request, for Anguilla in 2012 to officially ask Britain, its administering power, to begin to prepare the small emerging nation and its people for independence by 2015.

Britain’s perceived complicity in recent events surrounding the banking situation of the island’s two indigenous banks serve to further strengthen, widen and hasten the call for independence.

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I invite you to enter my world; fight the odds I fought; and, appreciate how a tough life shaped me into the well-rounded person I became.

You will be thrown immediately into a different world, in a different time zone; and, entertained, educated, frustrated, animated, invigorated and, literally, taken on a real-life roller coaster ride.

I was a real life Gorgi Porgi who was born kicking and screaming in 1942 in a small village in Anguilla in the Caribbean. Born into a world of war, rationing, drought, famine, superstition, poverty and marital tension, my life was not off to a good start.

However, as a boy growing up, I played baby house until I realised what I was doing – kissing the girls and later running away!

I invite you, in my initial five my blog series, to try to feel the pains; and, experience the joys and sorrows, the failures and successes, the hardships and the good times which I did until 1959.

While I have drawn heavily on my own travel experiences, I found it necessary to check the internet for facts, figures and testimonials used herein in this my blog. As such, I the author, cannot and will not vouch for them.

Therefore, be hereby warned and advised that neither I, the author, nor this my blog are responsible for any possible losses, inconveniences, setbacks, failures, disappointments or any adverse situations that might arise or occur to or by any readers.

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