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Whether you’re craving culture or creative cocktails, scenic strolls or a shopping spree, Boston has it all. Although steeped in history, it’s a modern cosmopolitan city that sparkles even brighter during the festive season, when the streets are adorned with Christmas trees, twinkling lights, festive markets and ice skating rinks. Perfect for a long weekend at any time of the year, My blog’s Chloe Reeves headed out to the east coast city that’s home to a little bit of extra Massachusetts magic come Christmas time

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His eyes were reamed with blood and hooded with suspicion. He hunched forward and stared at me. McAllister was built like a bull. Cadets are officers – you’re all the same: bastards. Hey, not me, Mac. I’ll be promoted to bastard one day but now I’m just the lad who gets to do the jobs that are too shitty for you to do We looked at each other. A less hostile light came into McAllister’s eyes and he smiled and put his grimy arm around my neck and pulled me towards him. He smelt like a farmyard animal. Yeah, you’re right. You’re all right, Simon.

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