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Information, (617) 353-3838

BU football games, at the very modern Nickerson Field, cost only $10 for adults, and $5 for children. A deal for the diehard is a $25 pass

Pawtucket Red Sox Real baseball, the way it was meant to be. Tickets are half the price of BoSox bleacher seats. that gets two people into all five home games. For you sports trivia fans: In another lifetime, this stadium was home to baseball’s Boston Braves. BU’s hockey team is another perennial contender.

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The bows of the Coryton stand around 4 metres high and can be located about 250 metres southeast of the boilers, but they are rather more difficult to find and not really worth bothering about. Fair numbers of cod are to be seen, along with lots of nice mussels, and a few creepy-crawlies can sometimes be found under the steel plates, but they are not so easy to extract. This is a nice shallow second dive with very little current. A friend of mine who, to save his embarrassment, will remain nameless, was diving on the Coryton when he put air into his drysuit and had the inlet button jam open. He tried to release the hose connector but that, too, acted up and wouldn’t disconnect. He quickly filled up like the Michelin man and shot to the surface, where his fins were pushed out from his feet and he was unable to bend his arms or legs. It all happened so fast that his buddy had not seen the incident. Luckily he was outside the wreck in a depth of only 7 metres and with the boat anchored very close by. He used his wrist and caught the ropes on the RHIB with his crab hook where he was promptly helped out of the predicament. It was a laughable situation but could have resulted in a tragedy on a deeper wrecksite.

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