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A few impressions before starting my hotel tour The ultra-luxurious Bulgari Resort Bali is a PHENOMENAL cliffside retreat. Monster waves slam the resort’s coastline. These are the largest swells recorded in Bali in 20 years (summer 2018). Arrival at the Bulgari Bali Resort. A long driveway leads from the entrance gate to the majestic welcome pavilion. The Bukit harbors some of Bali’s most famous attractions. This includes the Uluwatu temple, spectacular beaches, and the island’s top surfing spots.

The property opened in 2006, It instantly became known across the globe as the most exclusive resort in Bali. Unfortunately, the resort does not participate in Marriott’s loyalty program. The hotel is a joint venture between Marriott & Bulgari. Bulgari (or Bvlgari) is an Italian luxury brand. It is mainly known for its jewelry, watches, fragrances, accessories and leather goods. Bulgari wants to become the world’s top hotel brand. It aims to incorporate its heritage of glamorous Roman jeweler into its hotels & resorts.

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Bulgari currently manages posh hotels, Milan, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing and Bali. Bulgari will soon unveil new editions in Tokyo, Paris, and Moscow. Bulgari will soon unveil new editions in Tokyo, Paris, and Moscow. The welcome pavilion offers a nice view of the resort From here, the resort cascades down the tropically lush hillside. Some more impressions of the welcome pavilion.

So far, the Bulgari Resort Bali is the only beach resort in Bulgari’s exclusive portfolio. Welcome amenities, Scented cold towel + mint juice. The Bulgari Resort Bali features 58 villas Ar In addition, the property also includes two- to five bedroom mansions. The villas are located along cobblestone p&hwayfc I’ Fast and efficient buggy service is provided (24/7). All accommodations are nestled within mgn wants volcanic stone. Entrance to the villa is via an open-air pavilion It features a private garden and an expansive outdoor living area. Tip: enjoy free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso.

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This includes an upgrade, daily breakfast, and $100 USD resort credit (link below the clip). The living area features a sofa and dining table. It has an espresso machine and a minibar stocked with wines & chocolates. Each villa comes with a plunge pool. The multi-bedroom mansions feature larger pools. The pool terrace offers a view of the Indian Ocean. The more expensive villas on the cliff’s edge inov the best views . The villa features a beautiful decor. The design blends traditional Balinese style with contemporary Italian elemen. All furniture was designed and produced, All materials such as bangkiray hardwood are indiginous and locally. The villa features state-of-the-art technology:. Flat screen TV, free WiFi, and an audio/video system by Bang & Olufsen.

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Welcome amenity, Fresh fruits + Balinese sweets from Bulgary’s bakery. The villa features a Toto toilet. This is an innovative, ‘smart’ toilet seat with an integrated bidet. A vestibule separates the bedroom from the bathroom. There’s ample space to store all your luggage here. ates the bedroom from the bathroom re all your luggage here. The bathroom features black terrazzo flooring. It is equipped with two sinks, a bathtub, and two showers (one indoor, one outdoor). The villa features a second Toto toilet. Toto is the world’s largest toilet manufacturer (based in Japan). A desk is located in the vestibule.

A schedule with the resort’s daily activities is on display here. THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION These are our recommendations of the places not to be missed while visiting Ball. Prices might vary depending on the number of people, the itinerary selected and the equipment needed.. For further Information and assistance, please press *6′ on your villa phone to reach our. I Pura Luhur (Jluwatu Is a Balinese sea temple located at the edge of a 70 meter high cliff Built In the 11 th century.

It Is one of nine directional temples meant to protect Ball from evil spirits It 1s well known for iti spectacular sunset and evening Kecak Dance which he performed by a circle of SO or more performers! wearing checkered cloth around their waists. The dance depicts a battle from the Ramayana where the monkey-like Vanara helped Prince Rama flight the evil King Havana. This full day experience will take you to discover two island-based celebrated artisans who embrace the local culture and Bahnese communities. Gaya was founded In 2002 by Marcello Massonl and Michela Fopplanl.

The company creates custom hand-made ceramic for International customers Including Bulgari Hotels and Resorts. It is the center of arts and culture In Ball 1 Situated 100 meters above sea level, the area Is relatively cooler and surrounded by natural landscape of lush greeneries, rice fields and rivers. The journey commences In the morning with a visit to the traditional house where guests will witness the daily routine of a local family. Continue along through peaceful villages, rice paddies, farms and final stop at the Ubud center Guests will have the oooortunitv to acolore various iconic sites such ai.

The room rate depends on the season & villa type I paid $750 USD per night, excluding taxes, including breakfast & dinner. This is the reception area. Check-out is done here (check-in is done at the welcome pavilion). The resort’s overall design feels authentically Balinese. A collection of exquisite Balinese antiques and exotic art pieces adorn the entire resort. The traditional decor is fused with Italian style. The property is designed by Italian architect Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. The hotel has been built using hand-cut volcanic stones Stemware, flatware, ceramics and woven fabrics were designed and produced in Bali.

The notel has been built using hand-cut volcanic stones. Stemware, flatware, ceramics and woven fabrics were designed and produced in Bali. The Bulgari Boutique is the only Bulgari shop It sells Bulgari jewellery, watches, accessories and fragrance collection. Let’s continue the tour of the resort’s public areas. It does take some time to explore all corners of the famous property. The resort features spacious meeting rooms (shown here). They represent a great place for seminars, work meetings, or private events. The chapel is located next to the meeting rooms. The chapel’s design is defined by Bulgari’s unmistakable mark of style and gracefulness. The chapel was built with local Paras Kerobokan stone.

It features floor-to-ceiling glass paneling behind the altar. The Bulgari Resort Bali is one of the most sought-after wedding sites. Bali is one of the world’s best destinations to tie the knot. Getting married in Bali is very popular. You can choose between a Western style or traditional Balinese wedding. The resort is also popular among Hollywood celebrities. The world’s rich & famous are attracted by the resort’s privacy and stellar reputation. We’re arriving at the resort’s central gathering spot. This area, called the “village”, features the pool, bar, and two restaurants. The 36-seat dining venue offers Italian cuisine. It blends imported Italian ingredients with the island’s bountiful organic produce. I did not have dinner at II Ristorante.

My package only included dinner at Sangkar restaurant (shown later). Have you ever stayed at the Bulgari Resort Bali?. If so, what was your experience? Leave a comment. We’ve reached the cliff’s edge. The pool area is located here (I’ll have a swim in the pool later in this clip). II Bar serves cocktails, quality wines, canapes, & snacks The curved bar counter in black resin is modeled on that of the Bulgari Hotel bar in Milan. The winding reflection pool edges the cliff.

It’s a great spot for some stunning Instagram pictures. The pool offers unhindered sea views. If you are lucky, you can spot whales migrating in the Indian Ocean. Next to the pool are two jacuzzis. They offer a great spot to relax after a day of sightseeing in Bali. Top 10 travel lists, reviews of flights & hotels, travel news, contests, and tips. Incredible monster waves crash on the beach. The largest swells in 20 years slammed into Bali during my stay (July 201. The beach can only be reached by, The elevator runs until one hour before sunset. The elevator doesn’t go all the way to the beach.

A stair descends from the elevator’s lower station to the beach. The stair features more than 100 steps. Beach access may be challenging for those that have difficulties walking. The resort operates a 3rd restaurant here. 12-seat La Spiaggia offers a grill menu featuring the catch of the day. The resort operates a beach club here. Loungers, towel service, ice water, and sunscreen are provided free of charge. I did not put a soundtrack on this beach sequence The deafening sound of the crashing monster waves is incredible. The deafening sound of the crashing monster waves is incredible. The sunset can be seen at certain times of the year The best place from where to watch the sunset is the hilltop welcome pavilion. Dinner at Sangkar restaurant, Sangkar is designed with mood-altering light fixtures. bangKar is a casual and-away dining restaurant. It serves Indonesian and Western cuisine.

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