Cambodia: A World of Beautifully Sculptured Temples

Traveling in various parts of the world is at the top of the list of numerous travelers. Most of the people like to experience many things at the same time. For them Southeast Asian countries are ideal destinations. The amazing scenic beauty can certainly make you fall in love with the stunning destinations. Among other parts of this part of the world, Cambodia is a good choice to visit with your family and friends.

Cambodia is located in Indochinese peninsula. It is bordered by various countries like Vietnam on its South and East and Laos and Thailand on its North. On the western coast, it is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand. To be more precise, as a whole, it makes a panoramic beauty. One can get a look at numerous colonial buildings, tropical beaches, and astonishing natural attractions

Preah Vihear:

This is a cultural site of Cambodia which is located at an altitude of 525m in the famous Dangrek Mountains. The amazing scenic beauty is created because of its location. In between the border of Thailand and Cambodia it creates a spectacular scenic beauty. When compared to other Khmer temples, then it has a unique and outstanding setting. During 11th and 12th century under the control of Khmer kings, this temple was constructed. The temple was fully devoted to the famous Hindu deity Lord Shiva.

Tonle Sap:

In the whole Southeast Asia, this is the largest and famous freshwater lake. The lake plays an important role to Cambodia. It has a unique feature and that is depending on the season, the lake shrinks and expands. During dry season, this famous lake drains and during heavy rains the flow changes. This amazing feature attracts tourists from various parts of the world. Apart from this, the lake is also known for its variety of aquatic species.


This is another tourist attraction which is located beside the famous Mekong River. Most of the buildings seen in part of Cambodia are engineered in ancient French style. This makes the place worth visiting. Visiting this place can show the visitors the Irrawaddy dolphins which are on the verge of extinct. The estimated number of dolphins that can be found is said to be within 66 to 86 dolphins.

Silver Pagoda:

This amazing place is located in the compound of Phnom Penh. The silver pagoda is famous throughout the world because of its treasures. One can get a glimpse of gold Buddha statues ornamented with numerous jewels. One of the most amazing one is the crystal Buddha and another is the Maitreya Buddha which is made of gold. It is said that the statue has 9584 diamonds in it. Apart from the statues, the building itself is highly decorated with various artifacts and richly colored.

Koh Ker:

For a very short interval of time, this was the capital. Within this short time interval, numerous amazing buildings and sculptures were crafted. Prasat Thom rules the entire area. This is a huge temple of 98ft. This place is the inaccessible and most remote temple destination in Cambodia.

Cambodia is an amazing destination that offers tourist to get a glimpse of some of the cultural sites. One can also see the beautifully ornamented Buddha in this part of the world. Nowadays numerous tour agencies are available who offers tour to Cambodia. Get in touch with them and with their Cambodia travel packages get to see some of the beautifully sculptured temples in the world.

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