CANADA to New York

Hey guys it’s my 38 in the morning we had to get up at like 3:00 a.m. are you sure I went to bed at 11:00 uh-huh you got some sleep thank you I fell asleep at 8:30 yeah. So we are just here at forgot where you were, and yeah we just need to catch a couple of flights to be. So happy. Because yesterday our flights got changed. But now we were able to change them to better fly to know we’re getting into a location at 5:00 p.m. for the midnight yes, I’m happy, and we’ve got like a couple hours till we have to go.

CANADA to New York Photo Gallery

So laptop time yeah that time money guys excited jerk oh my god I can’t wait to get to our location we going to find out whoo boarding the plane, I’m so excited goodbye Vancouver guys we just arrived in Toronto. But beats it’s really on my everybo you still don’t know where we’re going have a guess having it. So anything we’re going we are slightly in about an hour. So we’re gonna go look this time or think 45 minutes we quickly want to go find something to eat, and they don’t go back on the other plane. But it’s only a short flight there’s another clue all right guys we’ve wandered a whilst over to eat. But it’s segregated from us we can’t get in on the American side when you find the Tim Hortons equivalent you know what they are paying to stop us yeah back on that Starbucks guys the flight delays continue two more hours, and we’re hungry. So we’re going to try just all right guys the flight number two, and then we will be you know destination, and alright guys.

So we’ve had our destination welcome to New York hi guys. So we just got to our New York apartment yeah, and it’s actually bigger than what we thought like sometimes you can be a bit skeptical with there being bees. Because it chuck the wide angle on there yeah, and especially in New York. Because New York Palace is small, I’ll show you guys. So this is our kind of lounge room slash Drew’s room, and then we’ve got a big TV we can open it up which gives it heaps more space, and then, I’ll bed bathroom, and then our kitchen yeah hi guys we’re hungry. So, I’m gonna head into Times Square to find a bite to eat we grab some pizza, and I was like the streets are so busy, and we did all you wanted anyway. So Joe, I’m gonna do grocery shopping tomorrow, and Enid lucky.

Because we are exhausted from Louisa 3 a.m. when it’s now always tense 1 New York time. But anyway we’ll see you guys tomorrow, and I think we’re doing something cool in New York. So, I’m choppin it yeah. So we uh yeah for the next week. So we’ll show you some fun stuff bye guys.

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