Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park Map Edmonton

Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park Map Edmonton

Location: 24 km north of Whitecourt. Exit Whitecourt on Hwy 43, turn north at Hwy 32, and follow the signs to reach the park entrance.

Info: The maximum powerboat speed is 12 km per hour. All boats are prohibited in some posted areas. 780-778-2664; 1-800-427-3582.

Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park encompasses McLeod Lake, once known as Carson Lake, and Little McLeod Lake, and was previously called simply Pegasus. Until the early 20th century, this area was significant to Aboriginal peoples living near the lake. Members of the Stoney, Woodland Cree, and possibly Beaver tribes came here for the lake’s abundant fish.

Formerly an Alberta Forest Service campground, Carson-Pegasus became a provincial park in 1982. It is an especially popular spot for catching rainbow trout. The presence of a seawall makes fishing convenient for shore anglers. The park contains mixed-wood forests of aspen, balsam poplar, balsam fir, and white spruce, as well as willow and alder along the shorelines. There are black spruce bogs, and sedge-grass marshes and fens. Both boreal and foothill bird species are attracted to this habitat, with more than 113 bird species recorded and 106 species breeding here. The lake is also a popular resting place for waterfowl during spring and fall migration.

Open year-round, Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park provides opportunities for swimming, birding, canoeing, kayaking, playing horseshoes, fishing, powerboating, and wildlife viewing. Facilities include a boat ramp, fish-cleaning stations, a hand launch, a pier, toilets, a playground, a picnic area, and an amphitheatre. In winter, trails are groomed for cross-country skiing. You can also go snowshoeing, tobogganing, and ice fishing. A warm-up shelter is available.

Help preserve all natural settings by staying on designated trails, boardwalks, and viewing platforms. Watch wildlife from a distance, and avoid nesting sites. Please do not disturb animals, pick flowers, remove plants, or disrupt the wildlife-viewing activities of others.

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