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The swirling colors of geologic and organic activity create a magical carpet for the eye – almost enough to ignore how rapidly you get soaked clean through and start to realize how cold fifty degrees (10°C) can feel – no matter how warm the water below your feet might be.

Nearing Sunset Lake and our final destination before a healthy brisk walk back to the car continues to reveal more and more wonders to behold.

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This is a similar dive to dive site (3) but there are fewer seals around. Again the visibility is pretty good and there are some large boulders on the bottom at 20 metres, often sheltering those creepy-crawlies. It may be worthwhile taking a look away from the reef at this point too, because there are bits and pieces of wreckage scattered around which appear to have come from some kind of vessel. There is a possibility that the wreckage is from the 23-ton MFV Constance which ran aground on 27 September 1972, slipped back into deeper water and sank. It was en route from Peterhead to Bembridge and was owned by a Mr A. Henly of Bembridge. This area has now become a very popular dive site with many of the charter boats in recent years. This is a pretty dive site against the reefwall and a very similar site to (4), with lots of marine life in many forms, including shoals of small coley. Visibility is usually very good, often reaching ten metres. On the bottom there are some large boulders and a few nice crevices at the base of the reef wall, with plenty of anemones and the like.

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