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Hans Fast A gregarious middle-aged gentleman, Hans Fast is one of the region’s leading guides with several decades of experience. If he is unable to take you himself, Hans will be able to connect you with the right people to make the most of your Chaco experience. Tel: 0492 52422, 0981 203 3 75, (Though he is listed here, technically Hans Fast lives in Loma Plata)

Gran Chaco Turismo The only full scale tourism operator in the region, Gran Chaco Turismo offers reasonably priced day trips to nearby attractions as well as longer tours to points further afield. English, German, and Spanish are spoken. This is your best bet for arranging tours on

short notice. Owner Norbert Epp can help coordinate small groups and single travelers with flexible schedules into a joint tour for price savings. Tel: 0491 432 944, 0981 223 974, Avenida Hindenburg 247-S between Unruh and Industrial,

Fernheim Cooperative Tourism Office A good resource for information about the Mennonite colonies themselves, the Fernheim Cooperative’s tourism office has plenty of reference materials on hand. Office manager, Agate Harder (nicknamed Gati), can arrange tours within Filadelfia and speaks English, German, and Spanish. Tel: 0491 417 380, 0985 820 746, Avenida Hindenburg between Calle Trebol and Calle Unruh, behind the Jakob Unger Museum,, Mon-Fri 7am-11am

Museo Jakob Unger

A very good museum spread over two buildings. The main building, constructed in 1933, is one of the few remaining original administrative houses from the Fernheim cooperative. Out front stands a large saw, the first machine in the community saw mill. Inside there are many artifacts from the original colonists including the first printing press used to print the Mennonite newspaper “Mennoblatt,” still in existence. The second floor houses objects from the Chaco War, a collection of photos documenting the immigration of Mennonites to the Chaco, and photos from the construction of the Trans Chaco Highway. There is also an enormous excavated glyptodon, an ancient mammal that resembles an armadillo on steroids. Exiting the main building and walking through the park, you will find the second building dedicated to the Chaco’s natural history. The museum houses an impressive collection of stuffed animals from the Chaco, all set against picturesque Chaco landscapes. Animals are well-labeled, so visiting the museum is an excellent way to learn about the region’s fauna. The back room is dedicated to the various indigenous groups (Ayoreo, Enlet, and Ache) that predated the Mennonite’s arrival to the Chaco and includes utilitarian objects, textiles, feathered headdresses, handicrafts, weapons, and ceramics. The park surrounding the museums is nice as well, with several large examples of the quirky palo borracho tree (see The Palo Borracho). Tel: 0491 417000, Corner of Hindenburg and Unruh,, Mon-Sat 7am-11:30am (consult with the tourism office or the reception desk at Hotel Florida ahead of time if you ‘d like to visit the museum after hours).

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