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My name is Carlos.

I come from Chile from Santiago born, and raised there. I work for oet. I do remember my childhood with was a you know living a growing up in a quite little place near out of the mountains Chile.

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So much diverse in climates, and regions we got deserts we have temperate rainforest fjords, and channels ice fields volcanoes rivers lakes mountains high peaks thousand feet you know the bottom of the world is part of what we call Patagonia so I think is the uniqueness of of my corner of the world is the diversity, and and the, and the chance that you have to be exposed to the nature, and fight the elements that’s really something there’s a lot of diversity in climates as it is in in in food my favorite regional dish, and I’ll say it in Spanish is called pastel de choclo that’s some something like translated into a corn pie, it’s like shredded beef, and with a hard-boiled egg, and some olives, and chopped onions, and everything is put on a light pot, and covered with the corn, and just put it on the over, and wait for an hour. So, and it’s really a big meal delicious if you travel south like miles or.

So you can reach into large communities of mapuches, and that’s the name of our largest rice both in Argentina, and Chile, and there’s a lot of you know things going on politically a lot of environmental issues as well regarding their land, and and their procession, and and their role as well in the society well looking forward to welcome you all to my corner of the world just to get to discover, and explore, and Argentina Chile Patagonia Antarctica, and more.

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