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Dawn broke first over Mustagh Ata, casting a golden glow China holiday information on to its whiteness. The water mirrored the land’s jagged peaks. Ripples from my progress China holiday information pjpked up the light’s reflections and sent them outward as fat daggers of light wafting across the glassy lake. I pushed my paddle vertically downwards and it hit the lake bottom, which was reassuring. The danger was from storms and Hedin describes hurricane-like squalls from the south sweeping over the lake, ploughing up the water furiously’. The altitude was probably about 11,800 feet.

It was in those last few days of February 1919, as Mary lingered somewhere between life and death, an intense storm began to build in the west. When it reached the northern coast of Lake Michigan, it had become one of northern Michigan’s worst blizzards.

Gale force winds exceeding 60 miles an hour lashed the shores of Seul Choix Point and ravaged the lighthouse. Wind twisted the trees as if wheat in a field, slamming against the walls of the home. Like an invading army the wind and snow smashed the windows and assaulted the rooms.

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