Choosing a cruise is a complicated decision. You have to decide where in the world you want to go. Then, you have to figure out which line suits your taste as well as your budget, and then which of the ships within the line is the right fit for you (since they can vary greatly, even within the same cruise line).

So why is it such a hard decision? While you may think that the moment you decide to take a cruise is when you define your vacation, it’s really the moment when you pick your ship that determines the fate of your holiday. People tend to lump cruising together as one type of vacation, but cruise lines are as different from one another as hotel chains usually even more so. Some lines are young and fun and loud and even a little messy; some are older and sophisticated with intellectual leanings or a posh and refined atmosphere; others are full of energy and designed for families with children of multiple ages. Choose the wrong ship and you’ve chosen the wrong vacation.

Get it right and you’ll find that cruising is a more varied an activity today than ever, with superb choices for people of all income levels, interests and ages. The problem is, as we said at the start, choosing the perfect ship for you. Fortunately, we’re here to help! We hope to make the planning not only enjoyable, but fun as well. So here goes.


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