Coffeehouse on the Corner US Map & Phone & Address

Coffeehouse on the Corner US Map & Phone & Address

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, 196 Elm St. Braintree; (617) 282-9988

On the first Saturday of each month from September through May, you can sit down to live folk music in an intimate, candle-lit atmosphere. Shows usually present three acts a night, and past performers have included such artists as Ellis Paul and Greg Greenway. Standard coffeehouse refreshments are provided, and ticket prices range from $6 to $10. There are no shows on holidays.

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These last two dives can be combined if you do not wish to explore the channel, but make sure the tide is on the low ebb. The northwest corner of Brownsman has a couple of shallow kelp-covered rock plateaux called Sorby’s Bus, which dry to half a metre on a low spring tide. They have steep, sloping rocky walls down to a sandy seabed at 10 metres. There are a few crevices and holes while the visibility is often good and the sides of the plateau provide some shelter from the current. The channel between Brownsman and South Wamses and Nameless Rock, called Brownsman Haven, is very shallow, being only 2 to 7 metres deep at low water. The seabed is sand with patches ofkelp-covered boulders and large rocks with little of interest, although you might find the occasional crab under the boulders and a few whelks out on the sand. However, it is possible to have a nice drift dive down the middle of the channel because the current is fairly brisk. A word of caution though: most of the trip boats pass along this route every day between Easter and the end of September. Just off the South Wamses, a 200-metre long reef curves out into Staple Sound. The reef has a four metre-high wall facing south with the top plateau covered in dense kelp.

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