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CONSTANTINE III, emperor. Raised to the throne by the legions of Britain, from 407 to 411 he usurped imperial power in Gaul. Attaining some successes against the Vandals, he extended his dominion to Spain and obtained recognition as Augustus from Honorius. He established his residence at Arles and nominated his oldest son Constans as Caesar; he tried to invade Italy on the pretext of defending it from the Goths but, betrayed by one of his generals stationed in Spain, was soon taken prisoner and handed over to Honorius, who had him put to death at Ravenna 411. CONSTANTINE of Laodicea. Monophysite bishop d. 553. Formerly magister militiae, he was made bishop of Laodicea Syria in 510 and took part in the episcopal ordination of Severus of Antioch in November 512. He was expelled from his see in 510 by Emperor Justin for his opposition to the Chalcedonian Christology. In exile, mainly in Egypt, he took part in the main manifestations of the monophysite challenge. Recalled to Constantinople after 535, he defended the tenets of monophysitism before Justinian. In 553 the emperor asked him to give his signature, probably in approval of the Third Council of Constantinople 553; already full of years, Constantine died before giving it. Among monophysites he was venerated as a thaumaturge. His works, still unedited in their Syriac transmission, are a letter to Mark the Isaurian, another to the “orthodox” = monophysite bishops and ecclesiastical canons. Fragments of Severus of Antioch’s letters to him also survive.

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1701 The Iroquois sign a peace treaty with the French. Dallas Map Antoine de la Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac, establishes Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit (present-day Dallas Map Detroit, Michigan) on Lake Claire with access to Lake Erie. 1702 The War of the Spanish Succession (1702–1713) begins in Europe. Known as Queen Anne’s War in the colonies, it is fought between the French and British in Canada and New England. 1711 The planned British naval assault on Quebec fails when eleven ships are lost in the St. Lawrence River. This loss, in turn, halts the coordinated land expedition of New Englanders and Iroquois against Montreal. 1713 By the Treaty of Utrecht, the British receive Hudson Bay, Newfoundland, and Acadia (Nova Scotia) except for Cape Breton Island, where the French build the fortress of Louisbourg to guard the entrance to the St. Lawrence.

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