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Delaware Children’s Museum: This fun-filled museum, located in Wilmington, features a multi-level climbing structure, an auto shop for mini-mechanics, and an exhibit that explores water locks, wind power, and other green technology. Even adults won’t be able to resist the educational power of play as they j oin in the fun.

The plan assigns 95 percent of its developed land to be within half a mile of a train station or 600 feet of shuttle routes that provide public transport options with efficient mode transferability. Despite enhanced public transport accessibility and mobility, it is feared that the increased density will generate more vehicles and congestion. However, it can be argued that higher density will encourage a larger share of short trips that would have been driven in individual cars to shift to foot or public transport. The use of information technology and congestion pricing mechanisms can help in alleviating congestion issues. A decline in greenhouse gas emissions of 1.2 million tonnes, a reduction of 16 percent per capita, is envisaged.

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Socioeconomic diversity has been targeted at Tysons through the proposed placement of affordable row houses on former surface parking lots. Furthermore, 20 acres of car yards with low-rise buildings near a proposed train station are being replaced by mixed-use development. These two initiatives will help stimulate diversity.

The large-scale and dispersed grid of roads with emphasis on highway infrastructure is planned to transform into a fine mesh of local and collector streets that are relatable to human scale. The intersections are being analyzed in order to mitigate the impacts of land uses and accommodate multiple modes. The redevelopment plan will allow for regular inner-courtyard-type city blocks that have high density, reduced setbacks, and maximized street frontage. The maximum perimeter length for a block is 600 meters, while any block longer than 180 meters is required to have a mid-block pedestrian connection.

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