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CONSTANTIUS II, emperor d. 361. Flavius Iulius Constantius, son of Constantine I and Fausta, proclaimed Caesar in 324 and Augustus 9 September 337. On his father’s death he obtained the prefecture of the East and the diocese of Thrace. He continued his father’s Arianizing religious policy against that of his brother Constantine II, spokesman of Western Nicene orthodoxy. From 337350 he lived at Antioch; in 348 he defeated the Persians at Singara. When Constans was eliminated by the rebel Magnentius in 350, Constantius took up the struggle against the usurper, defeating him in 351 at Mursa in Illyricum, and then at Mons Seleucus 353 in the Veneto, thereby restoring the prestige of the Costantinids in the West, where emperors acclaimed by the army succeeded one another: the appointment of Gallus, son of Constantine I’s half brother, as Caesar, was intended to guarantee the stability of the East, threatened by Persian attacks. He had to put down the revolts of his relative Nepotian 350 and Silvanus 355. From 351359 he lived at Sirmium and Milan, after that in the East. Successive internal and external political difficulties were accompanied by complex religious and ecclesiastical questions: Constantius II’s activity aimed at finding compromise doctrinal formulations that might unify the Eastern and Western episcopates, and solutions to the problem of the fiscal immunity of church property and that of clerici. In 355, to meet the military situation in Gaul, threatened by Franks and Alamanni, he appointed Gallus’s half brother Julian as Caesar: the future emperor, victor over the barbarians, was acclaimed Augustus by the soldiers in 360; Constantius then moved against his rival but died in 361 before meeting him on the field.

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16981701 The English clergyman Nicholas Bray founds two organizations designed to Delhi Map spread the teachings of the Anglican Church in the North Country colonies: the Society for Promoting Christian Delhi Map Knowledge and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. 1701 Yale College is founded in Connecticut to train that colony’s next generation of preachers. As at Harvard, in addition to religious studies, students undergo a rigorous program of liberal education in the classics, arts, and sciences.

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