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Want to overhaul your diet without going ‘full detox’? Look no further – the queen of clean eating, Gwyneth Paltrow, is back with a new collection of recipes in The Clean Plate – Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Everyday Glow (Sphere, £25), designed to lighten your plate and reset your body while still delivering on flavour and pleasure.

Whether you’re looking for healthy eating inspiration or you’re avoiding certain food groups, Paltrow is on a mission to prove clean eating doesn’t equal deprivation. ‘I never want to cook or eat something that feels like a compromise, like I’m saying “no” to what my body is craving,’ says the actress and goop CEO. ‘Healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive.’

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‘If you’re cutting out processed foods, fresh herbs are the most satisfying and nutritious way to add nutrition and flavour when cooking clean.’

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Author of three New York Times bestselling cookbooks: It’s All Easy, My Father’s Daughter and It’s All Good, Paltrow is a passionate foodie and home chef with a penchant for Italian food and red wine. However, she also believes that following a clean diet is key to her glow and one of the most powerful fools there is for optimal wellbeing. ‘I don’t know any magic bullets, but eating clean comes close,’ she says. ‘There’s a marked difference to how I feel when I’m eating at least fairly clean.’

For The Clean Plate, Gwyneth aimed to create 100 recipes for busy lives that taste ‘really good’ and meet the tenets of clean eating, as established by nutritional doctors, so that anyone with a food sensitivity or following a cleanse can use them. With most cleanses involving a long list of off-limits foods, including sugars, gluten, dairy, caffeine and nightshades, it’s no small challenge, but one Paltrow embraced. ‘The challenge of cleaning up a recipe is inherently exciting to me,’ she says. ‘I hope you’ll see a little bit of healthy, delicious fun in every recipe.’ And with dishes including Black rice pudding with coconut milk & mango; Braised chicken tacos on butternut squash tortillas; and Cacao date truffles, there’s plenty of healthy indulgence along with smoothies, soups and salads.

The recipes also work as part of six, week-long targeted cleanses included in the book – from a Fat Flush to a Heavy Metal Detox. Each plan is introduced by one of Paltrow’s trusted doctors with Q&As and customised meal plans.

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