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It wasn’t already the church at the time in the period of the Nepali one.

So he decided to give the place for a beautiful building in the middle of the of this panoramic view to Hydra oh he’s a sweetie yeah he’s been very very good excellent make sure that you’re taken care of, and what’s this the best trees from Santa Margherita was really hard to find something that you like more, it’s every day’s an adventure, it’s fantastic you start from Florence amazing cities you explore Emilia Romagna or Tuscany Chianti area rich history coming from the Etruscan times but you know we here in el budgets for other reason we’re here to talk about the Napoleon you know Napoleon was one of the most important period in his life he spent here Elba Island was conquered by the Romans in BC attracted by the rich iron ore deposits that filled the mountainous terrain when the empire crumbled the island fell victim to pirates who sacked, and pillaged here for the next three centuries today ships that dock in these harbors bring a friendlier crowd these small ships can get into harbors where most of the larger ships can we’re all. So to speak on the ship together the crew on the ship is very helpful, and is there to meet your every need Oh marvel. I came on board, and they said hard ginger.

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I was just amazed there they’re like johnny-on-the-spot we wouldn’t have seen as many sites as we had seen if we hadn’t had the guys the crew. I think the home visits are outstanding. Because you get to know the local people, it’s great to meet your family, and especially if they have children, it’s always interesting.

I think my pastelon English, it’s called codfish codfish. This is a typical Sunday dinner me huh no he was the army, and you know yes Pacific, it’s my. I’m sorry to have a picture like that first sorry why he was he was born in.

So he was a second yes in many cases families are. So different world over, and the importance of love, and communication, and companionship Oh you.

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