Environmental problems of China

A report issued in 1990 by the Ministry for Environmental Protection General confirmed that the situation in China was a cause for concern, although there were some grounds for optimism. The increasing population, rapid economic growth and the demand for raw materials were causing considerable environmental damage.

With the economic reforms at the beginning of the 1980s, measures Environmental were introduced to alleviate the effect of increased industrialisation on policy the environment. These included the use of new energy sources, improvements in municipal refuse disposal and sewage treatment, curbs on air pollution and, in particular, commitment to a policy of planting new forests (deforestation being an especially serious consequence of population growth). More than 1000 committees were set up across the country to monitor these environmental initiatives

The forests which cover about 13% of the country’s land have been Excessive decimated by uncontrolled clearance (1.5 million ha/2.5 million acres), felling

As the pace of modernisation has quickened and the population has continued to grow trees have been felled partly for building materials and fuel and partly to create more arable land. Soil erosion has taken

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