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Hey guys I don’t think I would be saying this. But welcome to Tel Aviv in Israel this is a place that I honestly thought we would never explore, and I think the reason I want to explore it is. Because let’s be honest Israel doesn’t have the best light on it, I’m sure a lot of you when you saw me say we’re in Israel we saw the title of the post you were like why are you in Israel we like to go to places that we can hopefully change a perspective on it like we went to South Africa a lot of people have why are you gonna go to South Africa it’s so dangerous we want to show you Israel objectively we want to show you like the good, and the bad side, and you can make up your mind. But we’re here in Tel Aviv it’s our first stop, and we’re going to explore the entire country show you guys around Jerusalem Bethlehem a lot of places, and hopefully you can make your mind up if you want to come see Israel. But, I’m excited to see this.

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But first story I want to share with you these customs that we went through this morning it’s it’s actually really interesting. So unfortunately if you do get the Israeli stamp there’s 21 countries that won’t let you into their country. So now what they’ve done is they give you this little piece of paper almost like a sticker, and that is your passport stamp I think later on, I’ll staple it into my passport just. Because it is such a fascinating story to have. But in the meantime yeah that’s what we have they’ve let that accommodation of going for a bit of a walking tour around Israel, and we just don’t like the main banking streets the CVD of the area as you can see they’ve got this beautiful little Park line just down here, and the great thing about Israel’s is a lot of contrast. So you’ve got these old buildings this is where the bank initially started, and then as you can see it has turned into this a monster of a building a lot more green than I was expecting to be honest I literally have no expectations for Israel it is really unique having these old like buildings covered with brand-new skyscrapers there’s a good contrast like he’s ready this is an ice cream store that looks really cool many South Africans reading get yourself some funny child here right here in Israel I think we’re stopping for some juice this juice bar looks incredible I don’t even know what to pick I saw ginger, and I just said do anything that tastes good with ginger oh yeah girl what’s gingery. So in Israel the working wink is totally different – I chose the Western working week they finish up unlike lunch time on a Friday.

So it is Friday now. Because of course the Sabbath is on Saturday instead of Sunday Saturday’s do criminal Sunday that’s why it’s super busy, and their local markets going on there’s a lot of handmade stuff. But it is very busy at the moment it’s just almost one o’clock. So everyone is finishing going we’ve made our way to half a mile markets, and oh my goodness. So busy everyone is just like shouting your deals, and food it’s all in Israelis I know smell them locally shoo dessert wow there’s so many to choose from I didn’t eat my fly over there. But I don’t even know what half my stuff is okay guys we’re in the Middle East we’re in Israel we need to try some Hamas yarn who’s taking us around he’s gonna pretty much be kind of like looking after us for the next three weeks. So this is the best promise in all of television I have to get the English translation for it.

But it’s just next to old Jaffa ready to try some Hamas this place is super busy this must be where all the good mama says. Because the bread yeah, and to make sure that you mix all the pleasure this is good to be on the proper experience yes that is onions you get the English name sorry you get the English name put that into Google Translate, and you’ll find the best climbers Hey guys it is the next day, and we have seriously fallen in love with Israel it is Hotel Aviv we did not know what to expect, and it is not anything like I was expecting it is too polite a hipster young kind of City we’re right on the ocean. So looking out there’s like a big beach you literally looks like the Gold Coast in Australia like all these big high-rises along the beach there’s like hipster cafes bars being a couple of oh it is amazing we’re gonna show you way more around today yesterday we’re actually catching up with a couple of friends do we already booked a little bit. But today we’re gonna show you everything Tel Aviv is amazing you made it on to our favorite street this is Rothschild which is this one going that way, and as you can see your trees lining the street cars go either side a cycling lane a walking Lane Street every now, and then there’s like restaurants, and cafes in the middle of the street like little brown ones we’re gonna look for a coffee I wonder if these place serves coffee thank you Miss Rose love their dogs, and at each restaurant they all have these for them are you guys you just had like an awesome afternoon with our field where we’re traveling all the time, and you want to like catch up with other people that do you know Instagram, and it can be. So hard to cross paths, and this is someone that we’ve been wanting to cross paths with for. So long now, and we couldn’t believe that she’s here in Israel we literally saw an Instagram story, and were like no we have to meet up I think we were in Mykonos, and then she came to Mykonos a week after we were in the UK, and then she was in the UK after we finally crossed paths in Israel of all places this is Nicola you have to check out her blog, and Instagram it is polka dot passport amazing photographs really cool person, and she’s a fellow Aussie as well. So you guys definitely have to go check her out actually don’t know Israel definitely.

But I think we’re gonna catch up in old Jaffa which is a really cool place old jaffa town. So we’ll see you in the afternoon um coolest telephone box ever. Because the Sabbath is on Saturdays it is so quiet in the streets we’ve just come to the beach for the sunset, and literally if you’re Australian, and been to the Gold Coast this is Surfers Paradise or IKEA we’ve made it photography friends yeah yeah excuse me hi back to my own uh welcome back he’s wanting to take photos, and Nicola that’s him you should go up this that’s nice. So currently walking through old Jaffa City which I can’t believe to say this it is over four thousand years old if you’re used to the biblical stories this is where Jonah left Israel to go towards the got the paparazzi this is where Jonah left. So yeah this is where Jonah led Israel, and then he was even by the way also ever used to the biblical stories this is Jeff Ober we’ve met back up with Nicola oh my goodness I almost slipped there we’re just doing a bit of a photo shoot. Because this is the best lighting at the moment especially in Israel with the colour of the walls, and the floor it’s so perfect with the orange lighting yeah old Jaffa he ever come to Tel Aviv this is the best spot to be this is the entrance to old jaffa, and there is a port here.

But that’s where you go up if you want to explore the town i mightor like not too late, and it’s still super busy at the beach. But that is the city as you can see television is actually a really beautiful city to see this is the perfect example of Israel you’ve got like your mosque just here, and then right behind it you’ve got a Christian Church that sunset is so beautiful the colors are amazing honestly I can see why everyone is at the beach right now this looks. So good, and of course some pita bread as well that was such a nice evening we ended up chatting for. So long it was like 9:30, and we just need to walk back to our hotel it was like well not tappers big meals. But it was it was good the Middle East yeah especially. Because it everything is so vegetarian friendly here. So nice to go out, and be able to have such variety to order yeah. But yeah guys I hope you enjoyed the little exploration of Tel Aviv we are going to Jerusalem tomorrow yeah thanks so much for reading if you enjoyed this insight into the city will show you a lot more of Israel over the coming weeks little.

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