Florida offers Warmer Temperatures and so Much More

My cousin asked me to go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her to visit her mom. I hadn’t seen my aunt or other family on that side for some time. It was cold for the winter too so I said sure, why not! May as go somewhere that it is warm and that I can be around family. We had a very good time and that was exciting.

We had a very good time, and it was nice to go from temperatures of single digits to those in the mid 60’s. I wish I had brought along my sandals, but they had been packed away for months already and replaced with some winter clothing. I was fine though in jeans and t-shirts, and a light jacket at times.

After a few days with family, my cousin and I were dying to go out exploring. We went to a huge shopping area. I ate at a restaurant nearby and wasn’t feeling too good. Good thing I brought my travel bidet. I had to use the bathroom several times that day, and wondered if I had gotten food poisoning. I tried some new foods that day, everything tasted good, but it certainly didn’t agree with my body.

I didn’t let it ruin our good time though, and we headed back to my aunt’s house before it got dark. The following day, we spent along the beach, and I collected plenty of seashells to take back home. The visit was short but one that was fun. I was very thankful my cousin asked me to go. When we returned home, it was very cold and a freezing walk to the airport parking lot to get my car. I already missed Florida!

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