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When Punkie took a heart-stopping fall of six or seven hundred feet down a rocky slope, we expected to find him broken into pieces, but other than suffering a few cuts he was miraculously unhurt.

Packing Loads on a Horse

There are many ways to load a packhorse, and every region has its favorite. In Wyoming, they use a diamond hitch.

The girth has to be positioned carefully to make sure the rope does not come in contact with the horse’s skin.

The problem with the diamond hitch is that you need two people to tie it.

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In case the big ship foundered, tugs tried to take her into shallow water. One of the tugs became disabled off St Abb’s Head when some wire wrapped around its screw shaft and the Albion continued to drift out to sea. During the afternoon, another tug was sent out from Rosyth and the destroyer HMS St James was ordered by the Commander and Chief, Home Fleet to render assistance. The Albion ended up 10 miles off St Abb’s Head before the wind eased and two tugs were able to tow her to the Firth of Forth, where they arrived the next morning. The Albion was a sister ship to HMS Centaur, one of the 18, 200-ton Hermes class light fleet aircraft carriers, and was capable of carrying 50 aeroplanes. She had been lying in a berth offJarrow-on-Tyne for two months prior to the incident, with little work being done on her. In August the previous year, the Admiralty had decided that the job of fitting her out would be resumed; she was to be taken to Rosyth naval yard for dry-docking before returning to Wallsend for final completion. The original co-ordinates were kindly supplied in 1998 by the late Ian Douglas, skipper/owner of Sovereign Divers at Seahouses. The wreck, believed to be the Maystone, is orientated in a S to N direction. It lies on a firm seabed of shell, sand and stone, in a general depth of 84 m (LAT).

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