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Let’s take a tour of the hotel’s impressive public areas. A courtyard with water pond leads to the property’s famous footbridge & lobby. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is located in Ubud. Set in Bali’s central uplands, Ubud is the spiritual and cultural center of the island. Shuttle service runs between the hotel and Ubud town. Ubud offers a treasure trove of cultural landmarks, including age-old temples and palaces. Ubud became an elite artistic colony in the 1930s.

Fresh mountain air and vibrant Balinese festivals attracted painters, writers and musicians. The footbridge offers a nice view of the Sayan Valley. The hotel is surrounded by fragrant gardens and cooled by breezy mountains. The hotel is surrounded offers a by fragrant of the Sayan Valley and cooled by breezy mountains . The property is 20 years old. It was designed by London based architect John Heah. Heah described his design as a “rice bowl”. The “spoon” (footbridge) leads the center of a “bowl” (the spherical main hotel building). The water pond is a popular spot for a proposal. The romantic location offers sweeping, 180-degree views of the valley. Subak is part of Bali’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed irrigation network. Let’s explore the interior of the “rice bowel”.

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A wooden staircase descends from the rooftop to the lobby. This dramatic building is the resort’s epicenter. The curvaceous, multi-level, upside-down structure clings to the side of a gorge. The spherical building houses several facilities. The lobby, main restaurant, wellness center and 18 suites are spread over 3 levels. The wooden staircase spirals down the building. There are no elevators, which may be a challenge when you have difficulties walking. Works of art adorn the light sandstone walls. They add a vibrant touch to the neutral color palette. This is the property’s open air lobby. Its futuristic, cinematic design was inspired by early James Bond posts. IMHO, service at this hotel is exceptional. Everyone at the resort seems to know what you want before you even know it yourself!!!. The hotel management and staff are superb. Miraculously, they all know your name from the moment you check in.

First glimpse of the resort’s lush gardens. The pool area, 42 pool villas and a riverside spa are hidden in the gardens. If yes, what was your experience? Leave a comment. Have you ever stayed at this Four Seasons property?. This is the hotel’s intimate reception area. Check-in and check-out are done here or in the privacy of your villa. Let’s explore the level below the lobby. Here you find the hotel’s main restaurant, called Ayung Terrace. Let’s descend now to the main building’s lowest floor Here, you find the hotel’s wellness facilities. Cardiovascular machines are available alongside conditioning machines and.

The gym opens up to a terrace Here, you find three intimate jacuzzi areas. They are a wonderful spot to relax after a. Despite its age, the resort still wows its guests. The past 20 years, the property has won numerous prestigious travel awards. Recently, it was voted the #1 hotel in the world by T&L. T&L (Travel & Leisure) is the USA’s leading travel magazine. Two wings extend from the main building. Here, you find 18 suites (the hotel has 60 accommodations in total). The suites are reached through dark corridors. These corridors run past stone monoliths and a collection of traditional Indonesian art.

The suites’ corridors offer direct access to the gardens. All suites come with large furnished terraces that enjoy views of rice paddiessions of the main buildin ionises unobtrusively into the landscape. All guests receive a warm welcome upon arrival. A cold towel and a frozen watermelon juice are provided. Besides 18 suites, the hotel also features 42 pool villas . With only 60 rooms, the property is small by Four Seasons standards. I stayed in this one bedroom villa during my stay. Entrance to the villa is via a concealed, circular, sandstone staircase. Tip: get free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso. This includes an upgrade, daily breakfast, and $100 USD spa credit (link below the post). How do you book your hotel stays?

Via Virtuoso? A travel agent? Online? Leave a comment. how ao you dook your notel stays / Via Virtuoso? A travel agent? Online? Leave a comment. The villa features spacious outdoor living quarters It overlooks the lush greenery of Ubud’s majestic rainforest. You can choose from one bedroom villas to the exclusive four bedroom royal villa. The resort’s villas come in 4 categories. You can choose from one bedroom villas to the exclusive four bee. Barack Obama stayed here with his family in 2016. The former USA president lived in Indonesia for a few years as a child. Julia Roberts was another famous guest of the joyal villa. The actress stayed here for three months while posting the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. The decor is a mix of contemporary & traditional style. Handsome teak furniture and bamboo woodwork is present throughout the space. The king-sized bed is heavenly soft. The Four Seasons brand is known around the globe for its famously comfortable be. It comes with a freestanding tub, two sinks, a rain shower. The rainshower is clad in vibrant red terrazzo tiles. The villa also features an outdoor shower.

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