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We know the level post that Hey guys this is my last morning here in Byron Bay getting ready to leave, I’m really excited, I’m going to have a little bit of time to explore a movie, and then, I’ll be off to Fraser Island long bus ride today to Rainbow Beach see you there mmm rainbow beach right now it’s like 5:30 in the morning, and it’s already completely light outside I want you to show me how to get to know thank you, I’m Elijah Q I want you to know me. Because I know then you’ll say look at me do you can be there is actually a really big cyclone hitting Australia right now it’s hitting farther north than I am packing for Fraser. Because I don’t need all of my stuff something crazy who is accompanying me tomorrow the Fraser well one of the group is Jordan Taylor.

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So that’s me, and that’s another Jordan Taylor how crazy has that as I in the same group it’s not even like another group sorry, I’m cutting you out sorry getting ready to go to Fraser it’s a remote island limited electricity obviously no Wi-Fi can’t swim in the water of the ocean at all there. Because the water is literally infested with sharks pretty much go in, and you will be bit also there’s a really dangerous rip currents. So you can swim in the water of the oceans at all there are wild dingo they, I’m going to be camping on the island which I haven’t done since I was a little kid hoping that I can keep my camera battery’s charged, and everything is far that we have through sonship right now we’re waiting for the card basically you drive onto a ferry that’s going to take us across the water another Jordan Taylor small world I enjoy. So we want you to see that this is legal to see, and how we know the level I enjoy until a long piece of water behind me right there is so unbelievably clear all in there is just the most crystal-clear water I know it looks like sand on the post. But it’s just that clear, and alone you’ll see just gotten to like Kensi normally it is so blue, and nice. But actually like the second we got here it started raining, I’m kind of afraid you can have this camera oh right now actually quite cold, and windy really great guys. So like this looks probably done just went. But yeah kind of disappointed haha ah Superman to me just finished swimming the water is actually warmer than the air, and it’s still white. So soft that’s like skipping.

So it’s been raining a lot, and these are tents they’re a bit under water B knows how to start with something other British. But this time long in another level of the same Santa, and my tent right now I know that you probably can’t see me like at all it is not cooperating ever since we got into the camp everything is wet earlier it was pouring one of the hardest most torrential downpours that I’ve ever seen people are actually just washing the dishes in the rain that’s how extreme it was now I guess, I’m going to go to sleep I I don’t feel very comfortable very wet, I’m so tired though that I think honestly no matter what, I’ll just still have a good nice place all right all right well good night and. So you guys are morning Hey guys it is my first morning at the campground up to last night not very comfortable, and very wet, and damp was raining all night really loud against the tent. So I didn’t really expect camping to be like five-star hell I think it’s like the cyclone more exploring a Fraser Island today started raining again this is how we toast the bread oh well I need Libby oh she’s the better cook than me they say love you dog it makes it all really hope that it’s going to be nicer weather for the rest of the day. But I am NOT holding much hope for that, I’m at Lisa Frank don’t have time to talk about it.

Because it’s raining bacon. But you make my wife surprised useful there’s no denying, and no denied walking now to our next destination going to place called the champagne pool there’s finally blue sky it’s just a little bit blue one man said here when you walk on it squeaky creaking that was so amazing I loved it there so much fun fact I lost one of my contacts one of those times that I was diving underneath the water I did something I was afraid of happening on this trip. Because that’s the one thing that I forgot when I was talking in Bali is to bring extra contacts. So the ones I have we’re now one singular is it now for the rest of the trip, I’m going to be half line hopefully it’ll be all right don’t really have any more to say about the champagne pools just um I feel. So happy I just loved it there so much I was like running around I felt like a little kid again on trips to the beach you know we’re headed to something else I don’t even remember what. But see you there with one eye perfect this Beach is never seen on so much as a footprint on it I think you know you cannot swim in the water it’s really between me you’re pretty much going to be attacked by a shark. So I don’t play on that. But it is really pretty I want you to see you I totally control we want you to say that this easily labels it is my last morning on Fraser Island actually not raining right now it’s a little disorienting having only one eye apparently now the cyclone is moving down here to Fraser Island.

So all the tours that we’re supposed to come here after us have been canceled. So we’re kind of on this like abandoned, I’m not really. But there’s just not nearly as many people here as normal. So we can choose whatever tents we want out of like all of the tents on the island is fine we come back from lakes Lobby it was a very wet hike raining again that is my last adventure here on Fraser Island heading back to Rainbow Beach pretty much right now thank you for reading me visiting Fraser Island right before a cyclone did bye or.

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