French Wine Tasting in Paris

I am a novice when it comes to wine, so today I’m going to a French wine tasting class where a professional sommelier is going to teach me a little about wine. Wine tasting techniques. When you taste wine, your going to go through a different step. You are going to look at your wine.

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You’re going to smell it. And of course, you’re going to taste it. It’s been aged in an oak barrel for about six months, so it’s a little, has an oaky taste.

French Wine And Champagne Tasting In Paris

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Looking at the brightness, is your wine bright or matte? Is the surface of your wine reflecting the light or not? So this wine is quite right, which means when you drink it, it should give us a little kick in the back of the palette. It was very interesting.

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I learned about the different regions in France and the different types of wine that are grown in those regions. Red wine, it’s a blend of different villages which are melded from a certain spot of the Rhone valley. This wine’s kind of spicy with like a black, dark cherry in it.

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It’s a beautiful, beautiful place with all the wine all around everywhere you look. Long table full of French bread. Just a great environment to learn about wine. This class was awesome. Usually when I walk into a restaurant I feel really intimidated when I order a bottle of wine and have to smell it, but now I feel really empowered by it. I’ve learned so much that I can put to use next time I go to a restaurant. Sante.

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