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Auteuil Cemetery From Country

Film director Abel Gance (1889-1981), who is most remembered for his 1927 grand opus Napoleon, which made use of multiple projectors and color-tinted film. Gance is buried in Division 8.

Abel Gance From Country

The Moiana Family Mausoleum with its evocative mourners is a fine example of uniquely funerary architecture in Division 6.

Moiana Family Mausoleum

A cameo-like sculpture, by Raymond Sudre, of Jeanine Pignet (1922-1925) in Division 6.

Jeanine Pignet From Country

The tomb of painter Adolphe Yvon (1817-1893) is decorated with an artist’s palette and brushes and topped with his bronze bust. Yvon was one of the greatest military painters of his time. He is buried in Division 1.

Colonists found the new laws unbearable and sent petitions to Parliament, led protests, and organized boycotts. Fresno Subway Map In 1770, a Boston demonstration against the new trade regulations got out of hand and culminated in the Boston Massacre. In 1773, colonists boarded three ships in Boston harbor and flung the tea cargo overboard rather than pay the tea tax.

As the crises worsened, Thomas Jefferson drew up the Declaration of Independence (1776), which declared the colonies an independent nation free, among other things, to regulate its own trade. Rolando Avila See also: Board of Trade; Boston Port Bill; Dutch West India Company; East India Company; Joint-Stock Companies; Mercantilism; Merchants; Native Country-European Relations; Navigation Acts (16511733); Royal African Company; Slave Trade; Transportation, Land; Transportation, Water; Triangle Trade; Virginia Company.

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