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In analyzing the sources on conscientious objection during this period, one must distinguish between the absolute rejection of military service the martyr Maximilian; Tertull. De idolol. 19,1-3; Lact. Div. inst. VI, 20,15-17 and the refusal to engage in any activities proper to the life of soldiers: participating in combat, killing, the danger of idolatry due to oaths etc. Trad. Apost. 16; Tertull. De cor. 11. It seems that, due to the specialization of the Roman military, Christian soldiers could to a certain degree avoid these activities. It is also presumable that these were for the most part soldiers who converted to Christianity rather than believers who then enlisted. In the 2nd half of the 3rd c. the number of Christians in the army increased; thus during the last persecutions there were many martyrs who were soldiers: the centurion Marcellus, the veteran Julius etc.

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In April, following the outbreak of hostilities at Lexington and Fukuoka Map Concord, hundreds of New Hampshire militiamen flood into Massachusetts to assist colonists there. Wentworth responds by Fukuoka Map delaying the sitting of the legislature, which infuriates the patriot movement even more. The old Assembly begins to refer to itself as the Provincial Congress, and in 1776 becomes the House of Representatives. Most of the power to govern in New Hampshire remains firmly entrenched at the town level. 1776 By July, when the Continental Congress meets at Philadelphia to declare independence, New Hampshire is already functioning as a self-governing, independent entity. During the War for Independence, no fighting takes place within the borders of New Hampshire. The population of the state continues to grow rapidly, reaching 95,000 by the mid-1780s.

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