Glamour and romance at Art Deco inspired bar and restaurant ATLAS in Singapore

Good food is abundant in Singapore and foodies are no longer satisfied with just palatable dishes. We’re constantly on a look out for unique dining experiences that incorporate quality dishes with an environment that transports us away from reality. And the atmospheric ATLAS bar and restaurant is a case in point. Situated within the elegant Art Deco themed Parkview Square building, ATLAS takes over the lobby where Divine Wine Bar once stood. Instead of a complete the world’s largest collection of gin specially curated to satisfy diners’ taste for a classic Negroni or an exotic martini.

Glamour and romance at Art Deco inspired bar and restaurant ATLAS in Singapore Photo Gallery

If gin isn’t your poison, ATLAS also caters to bubbly lovers, wine enthusiasts and cocktail connoisseurs. Guests can taste avant-garde concoctions inspired by icons of the 1920s like the fruityS.S. Normandie ($25) with nutty hints or smoky flavoured Young Churchill ($28) that fuses citrus and chocolatey flavours. This opulent watering hole is not just for cocktail hour though.

ATLAS offers an equally posh menu that features decadent bites such as Mayura Wagyu beef knuckle steak with vinegar glazed Borretane onions and fried friggitelli peppers ($40) and white Peking duck breast served with green lentils and homemade ricotta drizzled with a blackcurrant sauce ($38).

And if you are one for afternoon tea, ATLAS’ version is a luxurious one. Pick between savoury and sweet options ($56), with the former featuring yabbies and truffles while the latter stars caneles and bonbons. Whether it is a casual afternoon tete-a-tete or a dinner to impress, ATLAS is a fully immersive dining experience with a breathtaking ambience.

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