Swinging west again, Grenada (pronounced Gre-nay-da) and the Grenadines continue the West Indian arc of islands. Stretched within sight of each other, the Grenadines form a beautiful chain of low-lying islands, perfect for the yachtsman to move from one to the other. St. George, capital of Grenada, is a major yachting center for the Caribbean. The land grows cloves, nutmeg, mace, and cinnamon. Grenada is one of the loveliest of the Windwards: Grand Anse Beach is two miles of pristine sand, inland are dense forests and steep mountains. In the crater of an extinct volcano is a thirteen-acre lake.

Grenada Photo Gallery

Holmes and Company manufactured the machinery at Hull. She had one deck, four bulkheads cemented and a 20.72-m quarterdeck. The boat was also fitted with wireless and an echo sounding device. The designated code recognition signal letters were: MCLD. On 16 June 1909 she was sold to South Western Steam Fishing Company Ltd, Grimsby. On 5 May 1913, Thomas W. Baskcomb of Grimsby purchased the boat. On 27 September 1915, Spurn Steam Trawling Company, Grimsby bought her. On 29 November 1916 she was sold to George F.

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