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Oh these are of the victims of the sinking of the Titanic the White Star Line paid for them to be buried here now if you look at the layout of the stones looks like the bow of the ship the front of the ship, and up in that top corner there’s a great big gap, and some people say there’s a gap there to symbolize the spot where it hit the iceberg William Denton Cox his name is on the side not on the top in the s they figured out who this was William Denton Cox.

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And, he is a hero William Denton Cox was the only crew member who went down into third class, and helped people get out if he hadn’t have gone down many people would have died, and subsequently he died. So he this area was all beaten down the photographs if you had a nickel for every photo that was taken of this stone people left love letters they left flowers they still leave money as you can see some people even left women’s lingerie here for him. I hope if he’s up there that he’s enjoyed all of this attention then he said this little fella they became enchanted with when they found him they said he looks like blonde curly hair he was wearing a gray coat with a gray fur collar he had on a pink bunny shirt, and little leather shoes, and he was just bobbing in the water they brought him on board.

And, when they got back to Halifax the stevedore is still attached to that body bought a little lake hopping, and they wanted his coffin in the middle of the Mayflower Tyroleans always kept there but no one came to claim the body he was to be buried here unknown, and he would have a stone like that the stevedores got together pulled their money, and they had this go, and he was buried here for many years it was thought that he might be one of Alma paulsen such she’s buried just behind here Alma Paulson was traveling with four children sort of the immigrant story her husband income a year, and a half before, and he’d gotten a good job in Chicago to save money scrimped sent the money home, and she was coming with before children she was traveling in third-class but then with DNA they did some testing, and in the late s they found a maternal match with this little fella, and his match was a lady in Australia and So she knew who this little boy would be his name was Sydney Goodwin he was months old he was travelling with the family.

I think they were agent none of them survived his is the only body the of the Goodwin’s now people said well now we know who it is we should have a Stone gun Sydney Goodwin and So on, and then people thought you know what he represents all the children until you.

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