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Of course, just because an investigation appears uneventful, does not mean something paranormal did not occur. Some of the most paranormally active locations were identified through evidence discovered after a quiet investigation.

Most experienced paranormal investigators are not discouraged when a hunt results in little experienced phenomena. This was the case for Bev, Dawn and Jessica. Though their time was uneventful, they were not discouraged.

After sessions in the upstairs residence and sitting room, the trio moved into the kitchen. This is where the sheriff’s wife prepared prisoner meals. Elsie Runkel was one of the wives. Wife of Allegan Sheriff Walter Runkel, Elsie served as County Jail Matron for more than seven years. It was estimated she prepared and served over 24,000 meals per year. A challenging task no doubt but one she skillfully handled. It is thought Elsie’s spirit might be one of those remaining at the residence.

The first thing Bev, Dawn and Jessica noticed were slight EMF level fluctuations generating around the large wooden table in the center of the room. The fluctuations were not major, just a few points, but still the group couldn’t determine the cause.

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