Haviland Candy Shop US Map & Phone & Address

Haviland Candy Shop US Map & Phone & Address

134 Cambridge St. Cambridge;(617)498-0500 Ah, to stroll through the sugary, sweet-smelling air of East Cambridge? Land of factories, buses, and sub shops? Yes, this is one factory no one can complain about. From a nofrills front room, they sell gobs and gobs of sweet stuff from Borden, Necco, and their subsidiaries. Long glass counters show you what’s currently available, and the shelves above are lined with boxes ready to go. You can’t ask for a quarter-pound of this and a half-pound of that; some of the boxes are, well, for the indus-trial-size sweet tooth.

The bargains vary from week to week. You may find a two-pound bag of caramels for $1.99, or the same size of chocolate peanut clusters for $2.50. And, just like clothing, candy has irregulars; these are sold in one-

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