Heard Museum North

Located at el Pedregal Festival Marketplace on Scottsdale Road and Carefree Highway in north Scottsdale, the Heard Museum North has one exhibit gallery and a museum shop. The gallery gives visitors a glimpse of the collection of the Heard Museum in downtown Phoenix, featuring changing exhibitions by Native American artists. Like the shop of the Heard Museum’s main facility, the Museum Shop at the Heard Museum North includes a selection of authentic fine and craft art, purchased directly from Native American artists. For information on the Heard Museum, see Phoenix, Arizona.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

Activities: Arts Festival: Concerts; Education Program (adults and children); Films; Guided Tours; Lectures: Temporary Exhibitions (4 per year): Traveling Exhibitions. Publications: calendar (bi-monthly); exhibition catalogues; newsletter (monthly).

Heard Museum North Photo Gallery

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art located on a site adjacent to the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Pursuant to a design by The Studio of William P. Bruder Architect, Ltd, the former movie theatre has been transformed into a museum featuring five indoor galleries and an outdoor sculpture garden The museum is international in scope and dedicated to collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting modern and contemporary art. architecture and design. Exhibitions focus on international modern/contemporary artists, with special emphasis given to artists living and working in Arizona, and include works from the City of Scottsdale’s permanent collection of approximately 800 work of art When considered in context with existing exhibition spaces in the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, the numerous exhibits of Scottsdale’s public art program, and the satellite gallery at the Grayhawk Development in North Scottsdale, the Museum serves as the headquarters for a city-wide museum without walls. The Scottsdale Cultural Council, the parent organization of the Museum, is also responsible for the city’s public art program, which commissions permanent works and temporary project spaces.

Arizona State University Art Museum

Lectures: Performances: Temporary Exhibitions: Traveling Exhibitions.

Publications: exhibition catalogues.

The Museum is housed in two facilities: the Nelson Fine Arts Center and the Matthews Center. The Nelson Fine Arts Center, an elegant post modern building located on the edge of the campus, serves as the primary museum exhibition space. The Matthews Center, formerly the ASU library and located in the center of the campus, houses the University’s permanent collection, the College of Fine Arts student-run galleries (Harry Wood, North light, and Step), and other exhibitions more relevant to the students. With a collection of over 8.500 objects, the Museum focuses on contemporary art (new media and innovative presentations), crafts (American ceramics and w’ood turned objects), prints (historic and contemporary – American and European), art from the Southwest with emphasis on Latino artists, and Latin American Art. Also of possible interest on campus is the Computing Commons Gallery, which presents exhibitions of technology-based artwork including national on-line computer art networks and holographic displays, as well as more traditional two-dimensional graphic presentations. (Monday-Friday. 10am-4pm; 965-3609).

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